Tis the Season for my Mommy to finally update my blog! Geesh!

This year, I celebrated Chanukah in style. Of course, I’m big enough now to really GET what Chanukah means. It means that Jason and Rick come over and we make latkes! OK, not really. It means that Rick makes jelly donuts! And I get presents!

What did you say Mom?? Tell them what I really learned about Chanukah? Fiiiiine….

Chanukah is about being grateful for our blessings. It’s about the triumph and perserverance of the Jewish people. It’s about family. And if you ask Mommy, it’s A LOT about watching the look in my eyes when the candles were lit, and holding me as she sings the blessing over the menorah. It’s including me in the tradition of saying “Happy Chanukah” when the blessing ends, and everyone in our family getting a kiss and a hug. Mommy sings me some Chanukah songs, and then we watch the candles glowing. This was a great spot for me to watch our candles….I liked saying “Oooooo!” and “Kah!” (that means Chanukah).

OK, now back to my presents! Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop sent me this slick new ride!!!! Daddy helped me to put it together….

I supervised to make sure that the wheels wouldn’t fall off later. Y’all know how my dad can be with his tools!

Daddy, you screw it in like this!

Are you sure it goes there? You might want to read the directions again….

And there it was, in it’s shining blue glory (without the long handle, which Daddy attached later so he could push me around). Let me tell you, I haven’t moved from this car since it got here!!!

I’ll only let Mommy change my diaper if she pushes me in the car over to the changing table. I do “beep beep” on the horn, and we cruise around the house. Last weekend I drove my new car to the park, and when we got there I wouldn’t get out to play! I just wanted to sit in my car! I take all of my stuffed animals for rides. And if no one will push me, I get out and push it myself, and then get back in at my new destination. Today I even gave my car a hug. Yep, because I love it so much. I ride up and down the driveway. Through the kitchen. Down the block. Can you hear me coming?? Beep Beep!


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