We are warriors battling enemy foods. But what really matters? This…..
This family. This amazing little boy, who is so full of light and love. Don’t think for a minute that we’re not enjoying every single second of him. Every tiny moment when he looks at me with a silly grin, every breath that he puffs on to my shoulder when I carry him upstairs to bed. Max is so dynamic, so full of energy and drama. With facial expressions that are huge and hysterical. And an insight that stuns me and makes me laugh out loud, all at the same time.

A few of my favorite things from the last few days?

Max likes to wake me up in the morning (because he’s sleeping next to me) by tapping my chest and putting his face THISCLOSE to mine, and then his little voice says “Hi!”. And when I open my eyes, he’s right there breathing his little baby breath on me, grinning from ear to ear.

I’ve been counting down to any transition during the day by telling him “Two minutes” and holding up two fingers, and then “One minute”. Of course he has no concept of two being more than one at this point, but I figured it would be a good habit to start. Except now when I say “Max, in one minute we’re going to put our jammies on” he says “TWO!!”

I wiggled my nose at him today, and he cracked up laughing. And then put his fingers on his nose and wiggled it. And then when that didn’t work, he just shook his head back and forth to make it wiggle.

Amazing, my boy.

So don’t ever think for even a second that I am not absolutely in heaven about being this gorgeous, brilliant child’s mother. And a wife to this guy…who’s pretty wonderful too….
Who cares if you can eat dairy when you are surrounded by such love??

Thankful for the blessings of family. For this woman in particular, whose mothering built the house of love that keeps my own little family warm and safe. I am so thankful for her, my Momma, and for her laughter, good sense, and friendship. She anchors us, and I am so grateful for every visit we share.
And for this guy, Max’s Uncle Scottie. For the days that I get to watch him love Max so completely, so fearlessly. His laughter mixes with Max’s laughter, and I know that my little boy will grow up completely idolizing him.

Giving thanks. Saying a prayer for the beautiful journey that is our life. Watching my family grow and knowing that our lives are forever changed because of this tiny boy.

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