When I haven’t posted anything new in a while, you can safely assume that things are going haywire over here again.

After a solid five or six days of positive changes for Max, we are now back to the drawing board.

The last two weeks have been a nightmare of sleep issues. How is it possible that Max could have been doing so well once we removed all of the allergens from his diet, and then regressed to being even worse than he was months ago??

In a nutshell? There’s more that he’s allergic to.

Beef. Cashews. Pistachios. And probably soy.

Stay tuned for another post about how we figured that out, what we’ve been doing in the meantime, and where we’re going to go from here…..


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  1. Oh honey. I'm so sorry for you and the munchkin (and Sean.) Please please please let me know if you need anything – even just a break for a little bit, I'll drive up. 🙂 I'm around the next 3 weekends. -Tor

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