Fair warning: I’m feeling a little sentimental, so bear with me. There’s something about watching your son snuggle with your husband that makes you grateful for every minute that passes with your family.

I am often overcome with gratitude for these boys. My breath catches in my throat when I come around the corner and there they are, snuggled on a patio bench watching the world go by. Or waiting for the neighborhood cat. Or discussing the perks of the BBQ. Or I have no idea what they were up to really, but they looked gorgeous together….

Is it silly to want to hug Sean’s parents and tell them how it makes me cry just thinking about how much I owe them for raising and loving this amazing man that would one day become my husband, and Max’s Daddy? When Sean and I were standing under the chuppah in Napa, and the wind was whipping at the edges threatening to knock it over, and our family surrounded us with prayers of love, all of our hopes and dreams that day turned in to this.

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