Gorgeous weather? Check! BMW test drive event off Highway 1? Check! Amazing afternoon exploring the Ritz Carlton while Daddy piloted a brand new BMW? We’re soooo there!

Daddy, is this where you would put my carseat if we brought this baby home?

Cherry red is definitely my color….

Daddy, can you bring me a few phone books to sit on? And my sunglasses please?

Once Daddy actually took off for his drive, Mommy and I got to enjoy the Ritz Carlton. It was really just research, because our dear friends J and R are coming here on their mini-moon soon and we wanted to make sure it was up to par…..hey Auntie J, if you sit in this seat right here,

…you can see this amazing view….
Now could someone bring me a cup of hot chocolate and a s’more please? (Oh yes, they have a hot chocolate bar and s’mores here!)

OK, so maybe I can’t have hot chocolate, but this cup of soy milk was the perfect treat for me while I watched the bagpiper walk across the golfcourse at sunset!

I just love family field trips! J and R, you’re gonna LOVE it here!!!!!!!!!! Happy almost-wedding day!

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