In case anyone was wondering, you haven’t heard from me in a while because I just got back from some space exploration!

I’ve been contracting with NASA to build a playground on the moon…..

Now that I’m back, I have some very important business to attend to….like my very first official Trick Or Treating adventure!

And who knew….that I’d LOVE it??!!! We went to so many houses! I learned pretty quickly that you take the candy and put it in your basket, and then when Mommy and Daddy told me to say thank you I did my “whole body nod” and gave everyone a big smile. By the end of the night I was saying “Mo house!” and “Treat!” We had so much fun!
My Mommy dressed up like……well, like a Mommy…..

But my Daddy was Indiana Jones!!

I got to stay up really late that night, because we had more than 100 kids come to our door! The next morning I had to check out my loot…..

Of course, I can’t eat any of it, but it was fun to play “Trick or Treat” and move it all from the bucket to my basket!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!


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