I LOVE Max’s curls. I love how they curl up around his ears. I love how the back is long enough to fall in soft, sweet little rings around his neck. I love doing “the swoop” with his bangs, and the way that his hair fuzzes up in wet waves when he takes a bath.

But my little baby and his sweet baby curls were in need of a little trim. And I swear, I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for the fact that Max’s bangs grow STRAIGHT down, and right into his eyes. Of course, if he was a girl, I would’ve put in a sparkly clippy and that would have been that. But when his bangs finally touched the bridge of his nose, and he was furiously swiping at them every five minutes to keep them out of his face, I knew it was time…..

Here’s a little bedhead jammies shot from “before”….. Now don’t get me wrong, all I wanted was a TINY little bang trim. But the horrible witch that cut his hair, who clearly doesn’t have children and doesn’t know how PAINFUL this was for a Mommy to watch, rudely said “Well if we only trim the front, then he’ll have a mullet”. Bitch.

So what’s a Mommy to do?? Let her adorable little boy sport a redneck hairdo and be the laughing stock of playgroup? Sean gently agreed with her, so of course I had to let her cut it.

Max wasn’t quite sure this was a good idea. When she put the drape on him, he started screaming “I’ll wear the sparkly clippy!! Just don’t touch my ‘do!” Hah hah….

He wasn’t too fond of the spray either…..

And the slick, mid-cut look kinda made him feel like a Jersey Boy…..

When he realized that all of his beautiful curls were hitting the floor, he decided to give the lady a piece of his mind….and then some!

But I have to say, we all warmed up to the idea when we saw his handsome little grin and he looked out at us from bang-free eyes.

And with one little cut (well, a few big cuts) he was all dashing and gorgeous like a real BIG boy, just like his Daddy.

Mommy kept some of his golden baby locks, and we got a certificate for his baby book. I had to fight the urge to pick up every curly lock from the floor before we left…..trying to hold on to those baby moments for as long as I can. Knowing that each little curl was a small piece of the once 6 pound boy that I rocked in my arms, running my hand over the wisps of hair on his tiny bald head. He turned into a little more of a toddler today, and we said goodbye to one more thing that made him my “baby”. He’s my “boy” now, though he’ll always be my baby….especially when I let all the curls grow back in!

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