Change is in the air at our house, and Max has so much to say about everything that he’s been learning! He’s had an explosion of words, and I still have to laugh at how sweet his little voice sounds when he uses his words. He says uhhh (up), dow (down), boo, owwww (out), dog, mine, me, noo-noo (noodles), go, na-ning (dancing), mo (more), yeah, no, nak (snack), eee (eat), wa-wa (water), bah (ball, bottle or bath), caw (car), buh-buh (Baubee), pa-pa (pop-pop), ca-cah (cracker), cah (Scott), nana, ma-ma, da-da, daddy, eah (ear), eye, no (nose), knee, show (shower), shir (shirt), shoe, sure, yo (yogurt or just to say hello!), o’s (cheerios), buh (bus), din-din (ding-ding/doorbell), nigh-nigh, moo (move), gah (glasses), vroom-vroom (noise a car makes, of course!), dog, nanana (banana), OK, keys, cheese….and so many more! In fact, he’s doing such a great job of mimicking us that when he went for Daddy’s toolbox and Mommy said “Oh Shit!”, Max responded with “Shi!”. And when he spit out an entire spoonful of chewed macaroni the other night and Mommy said “Oh God!”, he responded with “Gah! Oh Gah!”.

He can point to his tummy, his eyes, ears, nose, face, hair, head, knees, toes, hands, teeth. And oh wow…I said I’d never be the kind of mom who listed all of her child’s accomplishments in list form each month, but considering I’ve failed miserably at keeping a baby book, this is it! So thanks for indulging me!

He’s such a little lovie too. He loves to hug our necks from behind, blow kisses, and hold our arm while we change his diaper. He’s a social little guy, who always has a “Hi” or “Hello” for anyone we meet. He kisses and hugs all of his stuffed animals, and has even started rocking them and trying to feed them a bottle.

He likes to find new places to sit and explore… this little spot…
And crawled right in to the bubble at the Children’s Museum the other day….
I think he knows when he’s being cute…

Which is often….

And even though we’re working hard to figure out what’s been hurting his belly and keeping him up allll night long, he sometimes feels like this…

But 95% of the time, he’s happy, curious, so sweet and kind, and hysterically funny.

We are blessed beyond words to have such an amazing Little Max.

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