I grew up on this beach Max.

Bonfires, late-night walks with friends, watching your Uncle Scottie surf here.

You had a chance to take your first “sand steps” when we visited San Diego, and with your little cargo shorts and your hoodie, I think that you could pass for a local….

At 16, I could never have imagined that I would walk hand in hand with this little boy, on this beach. But oh, how thankful I am that we are here.

We watched how the ocean goes on forever…..

And we saw how the waves never stop crashing onto shore….

We took in some ocean air with a true local, your beautiful Auntie Katie…..

And she wrote your name in the sand. Just like we wrote her name in the sand, when she was small like you, and we brought her to our beach for the very first time.

And we sandwiched you between Mommy and Daddy, and introduced you to the ocean (sorry you’re sideways!)

Daddy told you all about swimming, and I think I heard him say something about girls in bikinis too?!

Don’t worry, I know that part is between you boys!

I’m glad that you’re learning to like the beach Max…..

Because we have some beach days in our future…..

I think we look pretty good with the ocean this close, don’t you?

Wind in our hair, salty beach air on our lips…..geez….maybe we should find a beach house??? 🙂

That sounds like a good plan. See you soon Ocean!!!!


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