I said I’d never do it. 8-10 hours in a car with a 14 month old? The week before we left, one of the Mommy Friends asked, in a very concerned tone, “Were plane tickets just too expensive?” She couldn’t fathom why I’d pack up the fam and willingly subject myself to putting a very active toddler in a carseat for longer than a trip to the grocery store. Especially when Max’s new trick is to grab the straps of his carseat and try to yank them off of his body, all while yelling “OWWWWWWWWWWWW!”. Which is Max-Speak for “out”.

Well little Max, we survived. Turns out, you are an amazingly adaptable road-tripper. We actually had a great time….you, me, Daddy, and the open road. On the first day you napped pretty much all the way to SLO. That’s a special spot for Mommy, because it’s her college town, and truly, it’s where her “grown-up life” began. Mommy met Aunt Susie here, and well, the rest is history. If it weren’t for Yosemite Hall 13C, we never would have known Aunt Susie, Uncle Matt, and little Jack. So many wonderful friends have become “family” because of the new beginnings that I had in this little town. And I probably would never have met your Daddy. So really, it’s a special place for YOU too.

We said hello to SLO-town by visiting a few of Mommy’s old haunts. Hey Aunt Sus….remember this place??? For all you non-locals, this “Library” doesn’t actually have any books in it..

After a tour of downtown, we went to a park by the little blue house that I used to live in, and Max got acquainted with this tunnel….

When I was in college, my mom and Susie’s mom used to stay at The Apple Farm Inn when they came to visit us. It was pretty special to come back and stay there with my two favorite boys….

Max went for a little drive in this trolley car…. And then the next day, we were off again! Little Max, you took another loooong nap in the car, and when you woke up we were in Manhattan Beach! Your Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Mel met us for lunch, and you were so happy to get some smiles and snuggles in with them!

After that, we packed ourselves back into the car, and headed South. Stay tuned for more pictures from the First Annual Simon Family Road Trip Adventure!


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