It’s HOT out here in Northern CA!!! So Mommy and Daddy took me in a very BIG bathtub….our swimming pool! At first I wasn’t so sure…. Then I got a little more used to the idea….but still held on pretty tight!

But when my Daddy held me, that’s when I really started to have fun! See my “swimming” face???

Once I got some new water skills, I thought I’d show them off at my buddy Jack’s pool party! Here I am hangin’ with my Auntie Sus and Jack….
Hey Jack! Marco…..

This lounging in the pool thing is exhausting! Could someone please bring me a fruity drink with an umbrella in it?? Or, a bottle?

Check it out….Daddy is REMOTE CONTROLLING me in Jack’s cool boat!!! I’m getting a little dizzy Daddy…..


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