Well, I’m eating new things….like this piece of licorice that I’m sharing with Daddy! It’s soooo good!

I’m getting so much better at playing independently too. This is my thinking pose….see how I cross my legs like this?

I love hiding too! Baubee taught me how to play hide and seek, and now I like to hide everywhere!

Can you see me?

Oh, and I have a lot to say now too! So Mommy, you can back off on narrating for me, because I have my OWN words now. Want to hear them???
“No. Noooo. No. Noooooooo” That’s my favorite word. And I can say “Mama” and “Dada” and “Da-deee”. I can say “Night-night” and “Hi”. I even said “Hi” when the phone rang the other day. I can say “Bye”, and as of this morning, Daddy swears that I can say “Dog-geeee”. And I’m working on “Out”. With all of this learning, it’s no wonder I rarely sleep!


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