So What Else Is New?

Well, I’m eating new things….like this piece of licorice that I’m sharing with Daddy! It’s soooo good!

I’m getting so much better at playing independently too. This is my thinking pose….see how I cross my legs like this?

I love hiding too! Baubee taught me how to play hide and seek, and now I like to hide everywhere!

Can you see me?

Oh, and I have a lot to say now too! So Mommy, you can back off on narrating for me, because I have my OWN words now. Want to hear them???
“No. Noooo. No. Noooooooo” That’s my favorite word. And I can say “Mama” and “Dada” and “Da-deee”. I can say “Night-night” and “Hi”. I even said “Hi” when the phone rang the other day. I can say “Bye”, and as of this morning, Daddy swears that I can say “Dog-geeee”. And I’m working on “Out”. With all of this learning, it’s no wonder I rarely sleep!


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