Let’s Eat!

I’ve been taste-testing some new things lately! Like this hard-boiled egg….

Don’t worry, Mommy eventually peeled it for me….

I’ve been trying all sorts of things….yogurt, little pieces of broccoli, carrots, banana, and tiny “mouse bites” of cheese. I really love having toast with Mommy in the mornings too, and I even got to try a bagel the other day! I don’t remember exactly WHAT I was eating here…..

But it was really good!

PEACE OUT my peeps! Hah hah….this peace sign is for YOU Kerry 🙂



  1. Love the picture!! He is so talented, to already be telling the world…..peace out!
    He is just adorable and you are doing such a great job with him, don't EVER doubt that! Being a mommy is the toughest job, hang in there and we'll talk soon. Loved the visit and all the treats!

  2. Bogart in P Towne says:

    I love to eat, but clearly not as much as Max!

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