Catching Up

Want to know what else you’ve missed? Well, for starters, you missed me trying my very first meal of tofu. Who knew that tofu breaks apart into a million tiny pieces when you try to eat it? Not Mommy. She didn’t know. And who knew that tofu wouldn’t sit very well in my tummy, and I’d puke everywhere a few hours later?

Not Mommy!
But on a brighter note, here I am hanging in my OLD stroller (yep…got a new one that’s pretty pimped out…you’ll see it soon!). Daddy took me for a ride to the park one morning over the weekend so that Mommy could sleep in. Don’t I have a great Daddy??

And here are a few more pictures that our friend Natalie took at Heather’s Bridal Shower a few weekends ago. My family cleans up pretty nice, dontcha think?

Aren’t we handsome??

Yeah, my Mommy is pretty lucky….we know!



  1. Bogart in P Towne says:

    You really do look like your mom.

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