We had a great time in San Francisco last weekend celebrating the engagement of Heather and Aeden! My Mommy got some “girl time” in the morning at a beautiful bridal shower for Heather, and I got to hang out with Daddy to get ready for the next party that night (the engagement dinner). I think that Daddy did a pretty good job of picking out my outfit for the day….. Hey Dad, are we ready to go?

We met up with Mommy at the end of the bridal shower, and I got to meet Heather’s mom, Honey. She was so fun, and she gave me lots of love. Honey knew just how to make me smile…

I’m pretty lucky, because I got a big hug from the beautiful bride!

Heather and Aeden, we can’t wait to see you again in New York in April, to celebrate your big day!


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