A few weekends ago, I went to my very first birthday party! My friend Heidi turned TWO. She had a big girl party, and I was very honored to be invited! To celebrate, we got to go to a fun place where there were lots of things for kids to play with. Like this tunnel that I got to sit on top of….

I was a little scared about climbing through, so I just smiled at Mommy from this end….

Hey Heidi….are you over there????

My friend Heidi was having such a good time playing, that we didn’t get any pictures of the birthday girl! Heidi can run really fast, and she knows all of the games at My Gym, where we were hanging out. Her friends and their mommies and daddies were very nice too. Heidi even showed me how to be brave and ride the zip line…..

My buddy Nathanael came to celebrate Heidi too! Here we are, just taking a little break together. Nathanael, what should we do next?

Who needs a jungle gym when you have a Daddy???

Hey Nathanael! Where did you go???

Ohhhh…..you’re relaxing in the ball pit! Isn’t this fun?! We just wish that our friend Caleb could have been here too! But his Mommy was doing something VERY important……bringing little Bailey into the world on the very day that we were celebrating at Heidi’s party!

Happy Birthday Heidi, and thank you to your Mommy and Daddy for throwing such a fun party! I can’t wait to hang out with you again soon!

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