Max is 8 months old now, which means it’s time for his monthly “chair” picture! But some things have changed around here, and Max is on the move! So our monthly tradition has taken on new meaning, and now we have to capture it on video:

It’s a little tricky to get Max to sit still….but we came close….

Even Curious was mystified as to how big Max has gotten!

It was a little easier to sit still when Daddy helped out….

Turn your head sideways to see how much fun they were having….
In the last month, Max has discovered that standing, moving, crawling, bouncing, and anything else that requires speed and energy, is SO much more fun than sitting still!

I am in awe every day at how fast Max is growing….not just physically, but developmentally and emotionally! His personality, curiousity, and affection mean that we have new adventures together all the time. He is a social, loving, spunky, smiley little boy, and I am so blessed to be his mom!


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