So here’s the scoop, y’all…..TOMORROW I turn 8 MONTHS OLD! And I thought, why not squeeze in some BIG milestones, while I’m still 7 MONTHS OLD?! Why not, right?

So on Tuesday I decided that I should start crawling the REAL way. Yep, no more “army crawling” for me! I was up on all fours, and then thought “Geesh….I can move around like this?!” And so I did. And I did. And I did. And I’m still going. What Mom? You thought you’d be able to sit down at some point in the next 10 years? Yeah, right!

And then just for good measure, I grew two little teeth for everyone to see! Well, actually, as of yesterday, only my Mom and Dad can see them, because they’re still trying to peek out. But one has started popping through enough that you can feel the sharp part of it if you stick your finger in my mouth. Maybe in a week or so they’ll be sprouted up enough that I can pose for a picture and show you!

So I figured now that I’ve accomplished these pretty important tasks, I’ll lay back and take a rest, and watch my 8 month birthday roll around! HAH!!!! TRY TO CATCH ME!!!! This crawling thing makes me pretty damn FAST!


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