Yep, you heard me. As in DANGEROUS. Here I am telling my Daddy who’s boss….

See my innocent face? I would NEVER hurt you intentionally Daddy! Not really….

I try to do lots of dangerous things when no one’s looking. Like climb into the bottom of my jumper so that I can bounce on the tray…..

I can pull myself up on my toy box now, and choose WHATEVER I want to play with!

I think I’ll take this giraffe right here….

Or maybe that football…..

Don’t I look like such a big boy, playing in this box? Although I must admit, it’s good that my Mommy is still really close, so that I can’t tip the whole box over on myself.

Mommy and Daddy had to put this toy away, because I tried to pull myself up to stand by using the top of it. And it almost fell over on me. Again, thanks Daddy for holding on to me so that I didn’t end up with these damn toys imprinted on my head. Before I let them take it away, I tried to give it a “goodbye lick”….

All of this playing makes me drool….

It’s really hard work getting into this much trouble!!!!

One Reply to “They Call Me DANGER”

  1. I love that you had a boy…it is going to be fun to watch how much you enjoy his being a boy…jumping, climbing, running, peeing on stuff…you know, traing to be a man-child.

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