Dear Max,

As you grow up and learn about this great big world that we live in, there will be many things that affect how your journey unfolds. My job as your mom, is to help you navigate through every twist and turn.

Every year on this day, the 22nd of January, Mommy takes a few minutes to remember a day that changed the course of her life 17 years ago.

That was the day that Mommy lost a friend, and learned a tough lesson about the world. When you are much much older, I will tell you about that day. I will tell you about why it’s important to make safe choices, and how to find a grown-up that you can trust at school. We will talk about fighting, and why using your words (and not your fists) is so important.

But for today, for this day, I will say a special prayer for my friend Mike, and take a minute to tell you about what a bright, funny, gentle boy he was. On this day, I will remember how blessed I was to have so many grown-ups take care of me when I was growing up. I will be thankful for the lessons that came to me after Mike died, and for what he taught me when he was here. And especially, for the twists and turns that brought me two very important people (yes you “Bogart”, and my friend Amy). Had it not been for the chain of events after Mike’s death, I may never have met them, and the journey of my life would have been very different.

Today I will take the time to remember the lessons that unfolded on that day. I will remember to be patient. I will remember to say “I love you”. I will remember to try harder to give back to the children in our community who are scared and alone. For Mike, for you, for all of us.

We will walk your journey together little Lovie, and I will do everything I can to pave your way.




2 Replies to “On This Day”

  1. I can't believe it has been 17 years. Mike will always be remembered and will always be in our hearts. May he rest in peace.

  2. 17 years…wow…it has been a long time…

    While I did not know Mike, I am thankful for who he helped you become because your friendship was always so special to me.

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