Dear Blonde Mom from music class,

I’m sorry that I misjudged you. I was having a rough week last week, and when I got to music class early and stumbled on your little “mommy clique” camped out in the classroom hosting your own playgroup, I thought you were a little rude when you all got up to leave right when I sat down. Yes, I know that you all have kids much older than Max. And yes, I know that you didn’t even KNOW me when you started your secret little group. Yes, I know that I have my very own set of friends there, who I always sit by and always talk to. And yes, it was the tail end of your get together, the babies were crying, and it was time to leave. You weren’t even there for music class at all. But I was having a bad week. And being a mom can be really lonely. And when all of you left, and I was sitting there by myself with Max, I felt like I had to apologize to him because his mom was such a LOSER. I know. Sad, huh? Making new mommy friends is kinda hard sometimes.

Then you happened to sit next to me at music class today. And I said hello to you just to be nice. And then halfway through class, Max started crying because he was hungry. He’s been on a hunger strike, so I knew that if he was finally ready to eat, I needed to hurry and make his bottle. Max was in front of me, crying. I grabbed the formula powder in one hand, and the bottle of water in the other. As I started dumping the powder in the bottle, I saw Max start to slip from his crawling position. First instinct was to grab him. And drop the bottle. And the formula powder. All over my lap. To the tune of “Old McDonald” in the middle of music class.

Blonde Mom, you immediately reached over to soothe Max for me while I jumped up to clean up and make him another bottle. “Don’t worry, I’ve got him” you said. And gently held him and sang to him, and gave him some bells to hold. The mom next to me grabbed some paper towels, and another mom brushed the powder off of my jeans. You saved the day for me.

So thank you Blonde Mom. You made me feel comfortable, and a little less shy. Spilling an entire bottle on one’s lap can help break the ice I suppose. I misjudged you, and I’m glad that I was wrong.


Max’s Mom


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