So here’s the scoop on my latest trick….

I’ve been scooting around/army crawling for the last few weeks, and I can definitely get around pretty fast. I can go from a sitting position, to crawling away whenever I want. Of course, I can sit up without anyone holding me, without falling over, and I’m really strong and balanced. But someone has to PUT me in the sitting position

But just this morning, I figured out how to go from crawling/scooting/rocking on all fours to SITTING BACK UP AGAIN! All by myself! I’d been working on that for a few days, but was still needing Mommy’s help to balance on the way back up. Then this morning, Mommy and Daddy were having breakfast, and I started to show off. Mommy said “Daddy! Look what he’s about to do!” And then I didn’t do it. So they turned back around, and I sat up nice and tall when they weren’t looking.

Then they turned around to see me, and there I was, not on my belly anymore, but sitting up! That was good for a big round of applause, and some “Yay”s, and then some kisses. So I did it a few more times. Mommy wants to get a little video of me doing it, but you see, that’s the special part about this new trick. I decide to sit up on my own, WHENEVER I want to! Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t!


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