Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..this is the life! Chillin’ with my folks at the beach. Pacific Beach, to be exact. Mommy says that I can be “a local” though, and call it PB. Whatever it’s called, it sure is nice! What Mommy? You used to have bonfires right down there??? Wait….I think I see Uncle Scottie riding some waves right over that way!!

Speaking of Mommy’s youth, we had to head on over to Taco Surf, so Mommy could show Daddy what real Mexican food tastes like. Mommy and Tori’s favorite spot just wasn’t the same anymore, but this is a good second best. Mmmmm…..if I could only share a crispy shredded beef taco…..c’mon Mom, please?!

Uncle Scottie!!!! Thanks for meeting us here! When we’re done eating can you take me out and show me how to surf?

Maybe they’ll let me use one of these boards???

There’s something about San Diego that makes me want to eat! Here we are at Hodad’s in OB for burgers. This is just a dive, but it was featured on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives, so Daddy wanted to try it. Whatever Pops. To us locals, it’s just a burger joint in a crappy neighborhood.
But while we’re here, I think I’ll have a side of onion rings with my burger…..

On second thought, I can’t wait……

Oh, and by the way…..do you see me sitting in the high chair like Mr. Big Time??? Yeah, I was showing off for my Baubee!

Here we are at Mommy and Tori’s FAVORITE place, Cafe 976. Mommy and her friends used to spend SO much time here talking and having coffee. And talking. Mommy ordered up the special 976 coffee, and said it tasted exactly the same as it used to.

Mommy, is this where you used to just chill?? In this seat right here? Hey barista, can I have a hot chocolate please???

Daddy, can you imagine Mommy hanging out here when she was 16???? Yeah, me neither….

Thanks for hangin’ with me and my folks on our San Diego adventure! Peace out PB!


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  1. When I got back to the hotel last night and read this, I CRACKED UP. Mike and I had just done the SAME DAY. Except 976 was closed, so we did Zanzibar, and I decided to wait and have Taco Surf for breakfast this morning instead…

    Yay for PB tours for our boys…

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