Hey Caleb….I love the Chanukah present that you gave me! How did you know that I like to eat blocks?????

Just like you knew that I love to eat wrapping paper, I suppose!
Don’t worry Kerry, I’m just keeping this seat warm until your little girl arrives, and then I’ll give it to her!


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  1. Dear Max:
    Sorry I couldn't come and hand deliver your gift, mommy said it was a party just for girls. I am glad you like your blocks, I have some too and have loved them for a long time. As I get older, I play with them in different ways. You can also dump all the blocks and put animals in the wagon and pull them all around your house! But one hint for your mom, take a picture of it before you take them all out. Otherwise, it is impossible to put them all back! At least mine were! And wow, you are fast with your thank you notes. I am a bit slower. Maybe I need to shift my priorities from building roads in the back yard to writing thank yous! Maybe tomorrow. You take care and I can't wait to see you again….really soon!

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