Last week, my buddy Jack and I got together to share some holiday cheer. We made a deal. I would tell him all about my holiday, if he told me all about his. Then we shook on it. Then I said “Happy Chanukah, Jack”…..and he said “Merry Christmas, Max”. And then we drooled a little bit.

Here we are, posing by Jack’s Christmas tree…..
Darn blogspot messed up the picture again, but you get the idea. The mommies were very excited about this picture, because LAST year, they took the same picture, but with their hands on their bellies where WE were hangin’ out to bake for a little bit longer. You can take a trip down memory lane here.

And then Jack and I decided we were done with being smiley….

Oh wait…the Daddies are going to be in the picture? Let’s rally, Jack!

This is much more fun than with the mommies!!!

Or not…..

Then it was time to show our friends how we light the Chanukah candles. Mommy is the only one who REALLY knows the prayer, so she did the honors while we watched….

Way to represent us Mommy!

Jack’s mom and dad made a really good dinner for everyone, and Jack and I got to stay up VERY late. Then I had a little conversation with Rudolph… went something like this…..”So I know you’re not coming to my house or anything, but I still like your nose. And maybe you’ll visit me at Nana Nancy’s and Aunt Katie’s, ok?”

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah everyone!!! And thanks to our buddies the Weiss’, for a really fun night!!!

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