What happens when a mommy gets so busy that she can’t put all of my pictures up fast enough? Well, you get a random group of pictures that now I have to narrate. Geesh. Again Mommy??

OK, so here goes.

I wake up. I eat breakfast. I hang on my playmat. Recently I’ve taken a liking (sounds pretty grown-up, huh?) to these Taggie blocks. I like to push them around my mat….

Sometimes I hang out with Curious and we have a face-off. Do you like my outfit Curious? Pop-Pop and Pauline got these for me before I was even born! My Mommy used to look at them and wonder when I’d ever be big enough to fit my bottom in there, and now I am! And my bottom looks so cute in them, that she had to take some pictures. What’s that Curious? You forgot my name? READ MY BUTT! Hah hah!

Daddy and I like to pose for pictures together. Wearing these cool hats is a Simon Thing.

Then sometimes we go to class at Day One. I learn some really important things there. Like how to move this ball around with my head.

What Mom? I don’t have any more tricks right now!

Then we go home, and I usually try to cause some trouble. Like here, when I showed Baubee and Mommy how I could destroy my Bumbo chair. I mean really, who needs that stupid tray anyway?

Sometimes Daddy and I ponder things too. Like, this box. I really love this box. Pop-Pop and Pauline sent me some books to read. Daddy read them to me, and I really liked them, but want to know what I LOVED? This box. Until Mommy took it away and made me cry. Stupid Mommy.

And after all of my mischief is done for the day, I get in my jammies and sit here to have a little more rice cereal. And I look at my Mommy with this adorable little face, and I say “Can we do all of this again tomorrow???”


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