My Mommy got a little bit behind in her blogging duties, so we’re playing a bit of catch-up here.

Work with me, while we go back in time…

A few weeks ago I went to the City to visit my Uncle Scottie. It was cold. Really cold. We saw his new house and it was pretty cool. When I’m big, I want to have roomates and live in the city just like Uncle Scottie. Even though it’s cold.

Do you want to know how cold it was? So cold that I had to wear this hat. Do you want to know how I felt about it? READ MY FACE, PEOPLE.

Then Uncle Scottie came to hang with me, and he told me that I looked really cool in my hat. Very “San Francisco”. I know. I’m really an urban baby, stifled in suburbia.

Look out city babies, here I come!


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