I’m 6 months old! Guess what that means???

Well, for starters, I can pretty much sit up by myself for the official “chair picture” this month! Yep, that’s right….no leaning in the corner all propped up like a baby!! I’m big time now!

Here I am, just chillin’ in the middle….

That was hard work people. Let me just take a little rest here in the corner for a minute…

These blocks didn’t need to be standing up, did they?

Thanks for putting them here Mom! I needed something to play with during this stupid photo shoot…

And just in case you thought we forgot about Curious…..we didn’t. That damn monkey keeps trying to steal my shot! I’ll show YOU Curious….don’t fall!
Fine, if you won’t get out of my space, then I’ll just bite you. Or….gum you.

Whatever Dude. I’m sorry I was mean to you. Can we just chill here and be friends again?

Ahhhhhh…….now that’s more like it!

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