So you were wondering what I was doing to keep Mommy so occupied that she didn’t have time to post new blog updates? Well, it all started when I realized that I was still a little hungry after I finished my bottle…..

Mommy made the mistake of leaving her cereal bowl where I could reach it. About two seconds after she took this picture, I dumped all of her Fruit Loops all over my playmat.
Good thing my folks were planning on giving me my first bites of solid food that day! Here’s what I thought about my first bite…..

Are you watching this? What IS this?

You know, on second thought….maybe I DON’T like rice cereal…..

Really Mom? This is what being a big boy is all about?

OK, I’ll give it another shot, but I can’t promise you anything…

This stuff kinda grows on you…..

I won’t lie, that wasn’t too bad. I just need to think about the enormity of the situation for a minute…..

So I’ve given it some thought, and I think I like this “people food” thing! BRING IT MOMMA!


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