Just so you know, I’m pretty big now, people.

You know why?

Because today, I sat in my stroller for the very first time WITHOUT my baby carseat in there. I was locked and loaded, and facing FORWARD! No scrunchy little bucket seat for me….I could kick back and relax and look at everything! Note to self: next time Mommy goes shopping at Target, opt for the baby seat. That experience was NAUSEATING.

Since I was big enough for that, Mommy thought that I was also big enough for my very own library card. She got all sappy and nostalgic and started telling me stories about how she loved the library when she was a girl. Jammie story time where she brought her stuffed animals, the Summer reading club, blah blah blah. But whatever, I like books, so I played along. We checked out a few books and some CD’s, and then I got to hang out on my tummy in the kids section. I was feeling so big time, that I showed Mommy my new trick.

I CAN PUSH UP ALL THE WAY ON MY ARMS AND WIGGLE A LITTLE! Now you might not think that’s very exciting, but for a stationery baby like myself, being able to move around ROCKS! So indulge me (and my Mommy) for a minute, and take a look…..

So you see, I’ve been able to do this “tummy time” push up thing for a while, but NOW I can actually get some AIR underneath my belly!

Those of you who don’t have babies probably think that these videos are a little dumb. But let me set the stage for you. I used to have two positions. On my back. And then rolling over to my belly. But NOW I do this wiggle thing, and I push WAY up and rock a little…and sometimes I even scoot backwards a few inches! You may think this is old news, but it gave my Mommy and Daddy hours of entertainment tonight. In fact, you can hear their stupid commentary on these videos. Geesh. If I had known they were this easily amused, I would’ve done this shit a long time ago….

Oh, and now if a toy is to my SIDE, I can turn on my belly to get it! Mommy put me down facing her tonight, and then kept moving my toy, and I spun on my belly, inch by inch, all the way around. I can only go counterclockwise though. Go figure.

Thanks for hangin’ in there with me people. I’ll get working on something a little more dramatic for the next video.


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