Like I was saying, after church we got to hang out at the Campion’s house and celebrate Jack! Here’s my party face…..
Here’s Jack’s party face…..his Mommy and Daddy were really proud of him!

All the partying kinda wore me out. I had to take a chill break with Daddy for a few minutes…

MORE pictures? Fine, but I won’t smile. I was tired, but I still liked hangin’ out with Cousin Julie….

Jack and I will pool our allowance and give you 5 bucks if you can guess what we’re both looking at….
Ummm….Daddy? What’s in these red cups that everyone keeps drinking? If I can grab it with one finger, can I have some?
Jack and I crashed pretty hard Sunday night. All that partying wore us out! But it was worth it. I had a blast celebrating with my buddy and being there for his special day!!


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