Look closely friends….that handsome little boy in the picture below isn’t me….it’s my buddy Jack! Sunday was his special day, and we all went to church to see Jack get baptized. Doesn’t he look like a stud in his Sunday best?! I was so proud of my boy….

Here’s Jack getting dunked. Daddy tried to explain to me what that was all about….something about Jack becoming a big boy and being recognized by the church…..I was just worried his bottom was getting cold in there!

I’m here for ya Jack! No…over HERE! Five rows back, behind all these tall people!

Jack’s godparents, Janette and Cliffy, lit a special candle.

Then everyone posed with the important man and my boy Jack….

It was a little hard for me to see everything, but don’t worry Jack…..I was cheering you on!

Then it was off to Jack’s Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a PAR-TY!


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