I love my husband for so many reasons. One of the more minor reasons, just might be that he has a pretty good sense of style. I mean, he’s a snazzy dresser. He doesn’t embarass me when we go out. He often asks things like “Does this shirt look ok?” before we walk out the door. Which means, that he and I have had great fun dressing Max now that he can wear some “big boy” clothes.

Except for when Sean came home from the mall with THIS outfit for Max….

Just in case you’re not getting a close enough view of the ensemble, let me explain. Our gorgeous little boy is wearing an outfit that is all ORANGE and BLUE stripes. Now granted, I take full responsibility for the fact that the pants are now pedal-pushers. That would be my laundry skills.
But really? We’re lucky that Max’s dazzling smile steers the eye away from his “I escaped from Fashion Prison” outfit! Or as Cristian from Project Runway would say, his outfit is a HOT MESS.

Oh Max, for now you have to put up with Mommy and Daddy dressing you. Lucky for you, you’re so cute that it doesn’t matter what you wear.
We love you, our little Bryant Park Jailbird!


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