BOO! I told you I’d be back, and scarier than ever!!! I’m standing in my Trick Or Treat bag, in case you were wondering…. So after I got all scaaaaaaried up in my skeleton costume, we went over to Jack’s house…..TRICK OR TREAT Jack!!!!!!!

Jack and I posed for a few quick pictures to indulge our moms, before we chowed down on some pumpkin seeds and grilled cheese sandwiches (well, our folks did!).

Hi Jack! Your Super Man costume is really cool! Can I see your cape?
Whoah! Sorry buddy! I thought I had this “sitting up” thing down pat….I guess I still need a little practice!

Actually, I’m kinda comfy! Mind if I stay here and take a little rest?

Dude….you’re a real pal!

Jack’s Dad is a pretty funny guy!
I had fun with Janette and Ryan too!

Mmmmm….I think I like these Crunch bars the best!

After all of that Trick Or Treating (ok, Jack’s mom just emptied the candy bowl on us….we weren’t big enough to knock on anyone’s door or anything) Jack and I sorted all of our treats and did some trading. Hey Jack….I’ll trade you this Snickers Bar for some M&M’s?!

We had SO much fun at Jack’s house! We got to see Jack’s Grandparents (all 4 of ’em!), and his Uncle Mike, Aunt Jen, and Cousin Brendan. Janette and Ryan were there, and a few other friends too! They had lots of Trick Or Treaters, and Jack’s mom and dad made awesome snacks! Janette even made a really delicious crisp with ice cream for dessert….wow….
I had so much fun seeing everyone, and Jack and I got to stay up REALLY late! Can we have Halloween again tomorrow????


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