I think I like this Halloween thing! I might be a baby, but I sure have the holiday spirit! Here’s how my first Halloween went….

First we just relaxed around our house, and I tried to blend in with the pumpkins… If only I hadn’t drooled all over my shirt, I would’ve been incognito…..I look just like a pumpkin!

I know, everyone thinks this “pumpkin butt” thing is really funny….glad I’m here to entertain you!

Then Daddy and I practiced our “sitting”. Daddy is doing pretty good, but I need this ball to help me stay up!

We were going over to my buddy Jack’s house for a Halloween party later, so Daddy baked some pumpkin treats. Then Mommy got to work, and frosted them with scary black frosting. By the way, who is this Martha Stewart that Mommy keeps talking about when she tells Daddy that she’s made perfect swirls on these cupcakes??Then we got to decorate them…..hey Daddy, can we use these chocolate chips?

Ohhh…..Reeses Pieces! Let’s sprinkle some of these on! I think Jack’s Daddy might like these….

So that was our morning folks…..then I had to go get my costume on…..stay tuned!


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