Hey Mom! You take SO many pictures of me, and now you can’t keep up with posting them! So I guess you’ll have to just show people everything in one big string of random pictures…..so here goes…I’ll narrate…

Here I am with my Baubee when she was here…peep my bright orange pumpkin shirt….mmmm….pumpkins….hey Mom…..when am I old enough to have some pumpkin pie? Here I am with my bear. Daddy named him Bernie. Why? Because that’s a nice Jewish name for a bear. And because my friends have told me that Daddies like to name all of our toys. Bernie is a cooler name than my mommy had for her favorite stuffed animal when she was little. He was a pink elephant, named “Pink Elephant”. Yeah, real creative, that mom of mine.

Bernie, hold still! I’m trying to hug you!

Thank you Kerry and Caleb for my hat! It makes me look like a big boy….I’ll be playing in your sandbox soon Caleb!

Hey! Why is this picture in here? It’s just my Mommy and Daddy, playing around….ummm….this is MY blog folks! Let’s get back to the pictures of me!

Mommy bought me a new towel for after bath time….I’m a little freaked out by it, but it’s just ’cause I hate getting OUT of the bath!

My new friend Nathanael sent me a little card so I can see his pictures! Mommy put it up on my bulletin board, but first I had to check it out for myself. Nice shots, Nathanael!

Life isn’t all play and no work, sometimes I have to help Daddy pay the bills.

Hey Dad, this paying bills thing is kind of fun! Not so sure what everyone’s complaining about?!

Here I am posing in my “Rylee Shirt”…..we really miss her, so I have some shirts that have a puppy on them that looks like her! I actually wore this shirt to music class last week, and it made me feel pretty strong…..I didn’t cry! Not even once! I was brave when all the loud noises happened, just like Rylee used to be!

How do you like this pose Mom??

Well, that’s all for now folks. Thanks again for following me on this blog….and check back real soon for my Halloween pictures! Jack and I looked SUPER cool! Get it Jack? SUPER cool 😉

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  1. They need to make shirts like the "Tuff Guy" one in my size…I think it would be a hit in the clubs.

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