Yes, I know… mommy was slacking on the blog posts for a while….sorry for the lapse in communication…..but we’re here, and we’re up to the same old tricks!

Just in case you were wondering what we do all day, here’s an idea…

My daddy bought me a funny new book, and it came with a CD. There’s a song about “Philadelphia Chickens”, so sometimes we dance around for a while…
Then I usually do some tummy time….I hate when I drool on myself though….kinda ruins the vibe….

Do you see this caterpillar in front of me? My Pop-Pop bought it for me when he came to visit, and I play with it all the time! Wanna know how he picked it out? That’s a secret….you’ll have to ask HIM what happened in the toy aisle at Babies R Us!
Then we usually take more pictures….like on this day, when mommy dressed me in a froggy shirt and thought it was pretty funny…..yeah, I know….I crack myself up too…..
Then I find a nice comfy spot to take a nap…..sorry about the drool Mom…..
I love all these kisses, but really Mom, another??
See my face? That’s how I feel when Mommy takes a million pictures every day….but we do it for you, my adoring fans! So peace out!


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