My mommy is big on “family traditions”. So she convinced Daddy, Baubee, and Uncle Scottie to go to the pumpkin patch with us!

Hey! These orange things are bigger than me!

I had fun looking at all of the pumpkins, and then Mommy wanted to take a whole bunch of pictures…..tradition, I guess. She told Daddy that if we didn’t take lots of pictures, that someday I’d be sad that there wasn’t documentation of my very first Halloween. Ummmmm……..ok. Now tell me again why I’m sitting on a pumpkin?

I guess this is kinda fun…..lots of kisses, and lots of big bright orange things…

Really…..can someone tell me what these are?? And why am I in this wagon???

This pumpkin is helping my “sit up” skills…..can we bring it home?

Can you see me???? I’m like “Where’s Waldo?”, but cuter!

No……down here!

Here I am!!!

Back to those darn pumpkins again……..I think I’ll eat this one…..

Or maybe I’ll just taste some hay…..and pretend I’m a farmer boy growing up in the Central Valley……yee haw!

I know, I’m so small compared to the pumpkins, so you keep taking pictures…..

Thank god Baubee was here to save me from the paparazzi………it’s pretty warm and cozy snuggling here…..please don’t make me go back to those pumpkins!!

OK Mommy… I get the family tradition now. I won’t lie, I did have fun. Now did someone say something about hot chocolate??????


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