Hey Peeps….it’s Max! Just wanted to tell you about a little SITUATION I found myself in this morning….

It was circa 7 am. Daddy had just left to take BART to the city. Mommy was still in bed (but she says she was listening closely to me on the monitor…..whatever….) I was awake, but I wasn’t upset or anything. Just talking to myself. Having a little conversation. With myself. I guess I fell asleep again after that. Maybe just dozed off.

And then….I figured I’d practice my rooooolllll-in’. Weeeeeeee! Over on my side! Uhhhhhh…..can’t quite get ALL the way on my side….wait….wait….here it is! ON my side! OH NO….unraveling! Back on my back. DAMN.

What happened next is between me and Curious. He hangs out on the floor at night by my crib, but rumor has it, he saw the whole thing go down.

All I’ll tell you is that suddenly I was no longer on my BACK like I was supposed to be. Nope. Not me, peeps. I was on my BELLY. Hangin’ out in my crib, having some tummy time, circa 8 am. Which was all fun and games, until I got tired of the whole “early morning push ups” thing. Think I’ll leave that to the marines. And maybe my Daddy.

So what’s a totally advanced, rolling from back to belly, 4 month old to do now? Ummmmmm….start crying for Mommy. Yep. HELP!!!!!! Mommy!!!!! I’m stuck!!!!

Of course Mommy took her time walking down the hallway because she thought that I was just plain old waking up. Of course she never would have guessed that at just 4 1/2 months old I would’ve rolled from my back to my belly for the very first time, all by myself. Hah!! You should of seen the look on her face when she came in and saw me face down in my crib….Curious told me the look was pretty priceless.

All day today, Mommy tried to make me show her how I accomplished my amazing feat. Nope. Sorry Mama. Then she reminded me of our little agreement…..that I was supposed to wait to do any new tricks until she was watching, and that before I rolled onto my belly I was going to learn what to do once I GOT there. Like turn my face to the side so I can breathe. I guess my whole “nose smashed into the mattress, body wiggling real fast, crying like a little kitten who’s stuck in a cage, FREAKING out about my predicament” isn’t exactly what my next step is supposed to be.

So like I said…… “Mommmmmmmmmmy! HELP!!!!”


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