What are YOU lookin’ at?? So what if I fell asleep on the way to the park?! It’s a damn long walk, and it’s tiring being me!

Now that I’m awake, I can take a good look around. My Daddy, Aunt KT, Uncle Scottie, and Nana Nancy took me out to the park today, because Mommy is home sick. Yep, she’s got a cold. And she doesn’t want me to get sick, so she made Daddy promise to put my jacket on…..

See how I’m practicing sitting up?

Mommy doesn’t know why blogger ate her pictures, but for some reason they’re a little wacky in this post. Don’t complain. Just roll with it. Turn your computer upside down. Or stand on your head. You’ll get the idea….

Oy vey. I am DAMN cute.

No really……aren’t I cute?

My Daddy’s pretty cute too. Now stand on your head.


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