Max’s Mommy hates the sun. Well, the 100+ degree days, at least. I’m not a vampire or anything, just very fair-skinned. And as you can see, Max gets his skin coloring from his Mommy. While Jack’s Mommy LOVES the sun and the heat, Max’s Mommy does not. So when the weather turned a little chilly (finally!), Jack’s Mommy bundled him up and got cozy inside, and Max’s Mommy bundled him up and took him out to play! Kinda like when Sus would sunbathe on the patio while I sat in front of the tiny AC box in our living room. Two Peas In A Pod, my Roomie and I……sort of 🙂

But I digress.

I’ve been waiting all summer for the weather to be tolerable. And on the first day of what felt like a true “Fall”, our little family went to spend an afternoon in our neighborhood park. Max looked so peaceful and Zen lying back on the grass, watching the clouds go by, and feeling the cool breeze….

I dreamed of days like this, when I thought about what our little family would be like….

Not a great attempt at a self-portrait here, but I love how Max is holding both of us….so I couldn’t resist posting it, in spite of my own vanity….

Taking a “walk” in the park…..

It wouldn’t be a picnic without a little snack…..

Pretty soon, we may be visiting a swingset and sandbox near you!!!!


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