To celebrate Max’s 4 month birthday, we treated him to a trip to see his favorite Doc. He was all smiles when they were checking him out on the exam table, but wasn’t so thrilled about getting weighed, and screamed when Mommy put him down…..

Don’t worry Max, 14 lbs 9 oz is a respectable weight for a 4 month old!

Especially since you stretched out to be a full 25 inches! Are you listening, Jack?!
This puts Max in the 53% for length, the 42% for weight, and the ummmm……86% for head circumference!!!!!! Daddy had a good laugh over that….he thought that the size of your head came from Mommy, so he measured Mommy’s head when the doctor left the room. He thought it was hysterical, until he measured his OWN head….and guess what? Your head actually comes from your DADDY…..whose head is way bigger than Mommy’s. Doesn’t matter, because it just means you have a large brain….the better to think with, my dear!

Max had another round of shots, and did scream a little louder this time. Poor guy. He ran a low fever after, and his sweet little thighs were pretty swollen the next day. Nothing that a little baby tylenol and snuggling on the couch couldn’t fix!


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