Mommy says I’m crazy. She says she loves me sooooo much, but that I’m a pretty crazy boy. And then she laughs at me.

Yesterday I decided that I’m too big for naps. I’m over them. Really. I mean, why sleep when there’s so many new things to check out? So I tricked Mommy. I pretended to fall asleep in my car seat when she went to run errands, but then I woke up as soon as she got me out of the car. I made her carry me the whole time we were in Babies R Us. I’m pretty cute, so lots of people smiled at me. And Mommy was very proud of how sweet and quiet I was. Of course. I got to cuddle with Mommy the whole time as she held me. In the diaper aisle. And in the monitor aisle. And in the bottle aisle. Ahhhh…..this is the life. Then we went to the bookstore. Yep, you got it… nap! Mommy rocked me in the Parenting aisle. While she balanced a book about how to make your baby sleep with the other hand. Hah. Hah hah hah! Then I had lunch in the bookstore. Sort of. I only wanted half of my bottle. Why? Why not. Then I got to have my diaper changed in the bookstore bathroom. And I tried to touch all the dirty parts of the changing table. While Mommy was trying to change me. And then I tried to practice my rolling over skills. On the changing table. In the bathroom. And then we got home. And I was still over naps. Over them. Peace out naps. I’m too big for you.

Mommy considered pulling her hair out of her head. But then she had to start laughing. Because even when I make my own rules, I’m pretty darn cute. And I just smile at her. And laugh. And look into her eyes with my big blue ones….and suddenly she doesn’t really care that I don’t nap. She just grabs some advil for her aching back, and rocks me some more.

Then today, I made sure that everything was right on schedule. Just to keep her on her toes. I slept in just long enough for Mommy to get ready for the day. I drank a full bottle just in time to leave for playgroup. I napped in the car on the way there. I woke up right when we sat down for circle time, and smiled big smiles at the teacher. Even Mommy was on her best behavior. She was nice to all of the other mommies. Even the ones with boob jobs and nannies. And in return, she learned that maybe we all do have some things in common. One mommy and her baby are Jewish, like us. One baby was getting stuck rolling over just like I’ve been doing. One baby is thinking about teething and getting really upset that it’s taking so long, just like me. And another baby never nursed at all, and now her mommy can’t figure out what formula is best. Wow….we learn some interesting things at group sometimes! Then I snuggled up with Mommy in the rocking chair at Day One and finished my bottle, had a good poop, and fell asleep on the way home! The day was going so well that Mommy wanted to stay out for a little longer. But it was so hot out that we really didn’t have anywhere good to go. Except the grocery store. Where I was cool, calm and collected in the dairy aisle. And the poultry aisle. And at the deli counter.

Whether it’s a good day or a rough day, it’s always something new. Mommy and I have fun on our adventures, and I have fun making sure that Mommy doesn’t always know what to expect!


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