My Pop-Pop came to visit me, and he taught me so many things… how to look cute in a white shirt and linen shorts! Thanks for finding these cool shorts for me Pauline! Now I can look just like my Pop-Pop! Except he has more hair than me. Mommy says that’s a good thing though….that Simons have good hair. I guess it means that I may be bald now, but I won’t be bald when I’m a grown-up!

We did lots of fun things when Pop-Pop was here. I showed him all of the places that I like to hang out… the drive-through Dairy, where we had some soft serve. (But where my Pop-Pop comes from, they call it frozen custard.)
My buddy Jack and I both got to skip curfew tonight, and hang with the big kids… if they’d only give us some ice cream!

Pop-Pop and I had lots of time to just chill….

He helped me with some of my new tricks. Like tummy time…..

Are you watching this, Mom???

And he brought me these great pants that Pauline found for me…..check out my booty….

And a Gap Baby pose….

Here’s my GQ serious face…. I love you soooo much Pop-Pop! Thanks for a really fun week!!! Pauline, I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for letting us borrow Pop-Pop for a whole week, and for always thinking of me and checking out my blog! We have a room for you (right next door to MINE!) when you’re ready to come to visit!


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