You’re a pretty funny boy Max……You’re so inquisitive, exploring every inch of your world….and from a new perspective now, boosting yourself up big and strong, on your belly like a pro!I love the way your face lights up when you laugh….

and the way your eyes open big and wide when you’re taking everything in….

Sometimes your eyes ask me a question…..

and yes, I love your wrinkly baby arms…..and even though you’re far less wrinkly than when you were born (I so remember your wrinkly knees and elbows that were just waiting for you to grow into them!)……
When you raise one eyebrow like that, it cracks me up….

and then your forehead gets a little wrinkly….

and your smile turns shy, and you give me your sweet baby grin…..

and I know that you are the absolute sunshine of my life……


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