Football. Ahhhh….the smell of Sunday morning. And afternoon. And evening. Can I tell you how excited I am that my husband now has a little buddy to watch football with?!

Apparently, the season has started. So Sean needed to teach Max a few things the night before. Like how to sit on the couch. To watch TV. All day.
Like this, Dad?!

Yeah Buddy…you’re doing it right!

Is this when we yell “Go Eagles”?!

Umm, no. That’s tomorrow. Max, do you know that your head fits in the palm of my hand?

And then it was finally Sunday morning. Mommy and Daddy celebrated football with our traditional lox and bagel breakfast. And Max woke up bright and early, wearing his new football jammies. It was so bright and early, that he needed to take a little pre-game nap, snuggled in his special blue blankie.
And then it was time! Max wore all of his Eagles gear….even his hat (we think it was meant to keep him warm at an actual Eagles game, sometime in November, but it looked so cute he had to sport it in Dublin in September!).
Mommy thinks the outfits are the coolest part of Football Sunday. Do you see Max’s Eagles socks?And then they settled in. For a looooong Sunday. Just Max and Daddy.

Could someone bring me my bottle? It’s halftime…..


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