Max slept through his very first thunder/lightning/rainstorm last night!

Yes, it is 100 degrees here. Yes, it is practically still summer. No, I do not have any idea why our room was literally lighting up every five minutes last night, and why the crashing noise of the thunder was loud enough to send my husband to the window to take pictures with his phone.

I, however, stayed in bed. And wondered out loud if maybe we were being bombed. Which Sean politely stated was impossible. “Why would the Taliban choose to bomb the Dublin/Pleasanton area Kim?”

Well why would we have thunder and lightning in SEPTEMBER?

Max was so brave. He whimpered a few times, and started to wiggle, but he went right back to sleep! And sure enough, just a short skip across town, Jack’s parents were wide awake while Jack braved his first thunderstorm too!


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