Max and Mommy spend LOTS of time together during the day….. Which means that in addition to doing fun, learning things…..we also occupy our time by taking silly pictures…..

Like these….which Mommy calls “The Blue Jeans Diary”….

First, we pondered why they make blue jeans for babies. Have you ever tried to wriggle YOUR butt into jeans? Now take a minute to imagine how hard that is for BABIES. (Really, you couldn’t put snaps in the crotch and legs people?)

Then we pondered why the waistband of this particular pair was SO tight…..

Mommy started laughing at my “muffin top”, and then I started laughing at Mommy laughing…

And then Mommy had to help me stay up, because I was about to fall…..But she decided it was even funnier to watch me fall….
Mommy felt bad about laughing at me….especially because it’s not exactly like she fits really well into HER jeans these days….so she let me wear my comfy jean SHORTS, and I channeled 1989 for a while. Hang loose dudes!


One Reply to “It’s In The Jeans”

  1. Oh, how I adore these updates. You and Max are such a pleasant perk in a day!

    Max – jeans are awesome! you can spill and no one can tell much! trust me, I know!

    Ps – wow missy, I must say…that first picture you looked like your Mom at first! Too neat!

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