Well….it was a DAY at the museum. Max’s very first excursion into The City for some cultural influences beyond our suburban utopia.

Uncle Harvey and Cousin Aaron are here visiting from A-Z. That’s what Aaron calls it. They’ve never been to San Francisco, so we wanted to show them all of the things that make The City so spectacular.

We started with The Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, and we spent a very educational afternoon learning about plants, wildlife, and the eco-system. I couldn’t explain to you half of what we learned yesterday, but Aaron could.
Aaron is SO smart. Phenomenally smart. I wanted to send him on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” because he’d whoop some butt, but I don’t think the kids get paid in that show. And I wouldn’t want him being used for his brilliance….for free. But seriously, this kid is smart. He was my own personal tour guide at the Academy, and my favorite part was that while most kids ask you “Why is the sky blue?” and other “Why?” questions so that you can tell them the answer, Aaron asks those questions to quiz you, so that he can tell YOU the answer. Aunt Kim is not even close to being smarter than a 5th grader.
Here’s Aaron getting up close and personal with some bones (not sure what this once was, you’ll have to ask Aaron….)

And meeting some stuffed critters….
Here are Aaron and Uncle Sean, after being swallowed by a shark….Checking out the penguin exhibit…..
Wow….what a long day! Max’s brain was so saturated with fascinating facts about wildlife, plants, and conservation…..that he exhausted himself!
Those Simons….always learning something!


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