Dear Max,

This week marks the second week that Mommy is officially a stay-at-home mom. Of course, I’ve been “staying home” (not literally, but figuratively) every day for the last three months, but NOW it’s official….I am no longer just on “Maternity Leave”…..I have left my job for an even better one, one that definitely requires more hours, but the benefits and on-the-job perks are phenomenal!

So now that I’m officially, permanently “That Mom”, what can you expect??

Well, at my OLD job, we used to have to talk about our yearly goals for the program. So here are just a few of my goals for Mommy and Max, in our new career together:

1. I will introduce you to many different things, and we will explore the world together. We will get out of the house at least once each day, whether it’s to take a nice walk around the neighborhood or to go to a class at Day One. We will visit our other Mommy friends and their babies, and I will try to make everything a learning game for you. When you’re a little bit bigger we can go explore the park and the children’s museum. We can go to swim lessons and Gymboree classes. And you can have play dates where you actually PLAY with other kids (right now it’s just the mommies who talk, while you chill!)

2. I will try not to overschedule you, and will remember that just as you need time learning to blow bubbles in the pool and pounding on the drums at music, you also need time to relax in your jammies at home. Some mornings we will make breakfast together, and kick back in our jammies on the sofa. Other mornings I will put you in the Baby Bjorn, facing out so you can see the world, and we will go for a walk and learn all about the colors, sounds, and textures of our neighborhood.

3. I will try to let you lead as you show me what your interests are. Maybe you will hate Baby Yoga….so then we’ll try something else. Maybe you will want to go outside every Friday morning like our 2 year old neighbor R., to watch the trash truck and make the trash man honk his horn for us. Maybe you will want to finger paint, or go to the park to fly a kite. We will find what you like best, and then weave other new things in too.

4. Every day we will do our best to move our bodies, eat healthy food, and read stories. And every once in a while, we may just have ice cream for lunch.

Well Max….our adventure together begins…..




2 Replies to “You and Me Kid”

  1. Okay, so you now have me crying. Your letter and goals for Max are so sweet. Max is SO lucky to have you as his mommy. Tears are rolling down my cheek. This is the hardest job we will ever have, but without a doubt, the absolute best one.
    XOXO Kerry

  2. This is awesome. I like this.

    My favorite, happiest children have parents that follow these similar principles. Max already looks like a fun loving lad, I think with such sharp and smart parents, he's gonna be a bright one!

    My favorite George Carlin bit is about kids not being allowed to just sit and play with a stick in the dirt anymore…ending with 'I don't think they even make sticks anymore.'

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